McElmo Black-on-White - CA. 1100-1200

McElmo Black-on-White is found in the Four Corners area, southwest of Mesa Verde National Park. McElmo patterns tend to be bolder than contemporary Mancos patterns. It appears that this is due to influence from the Kayenta region to the west, whereas Mancos Black-on-White seems to have been the precursor of Chaco area designs based on hatching.


Paste: Gray to white
Temper: Angular fragments
Surface: Gray to white slip
Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, ladles, mugs
Design: Interlocking stepped patterns and negative-painted designs common. Organic paint tends to bleed into surface and become gray to purple.


3-1/2" diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 4458


6-1/4" max. diameter
Horatio N. Rust Collection
LMA 15225


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LMA Type Collections