Lino Red - CA. 550-800

This is one of two types of pottery made by the Basket Makers, the other being Lino Black-on-Gray. Lino Gray was the first fired utility ware in the North, and remained common until about 800 AD. Fired pottery allowed the Anasazi to take better advantage of nutrients found in corn and beans, as these could only be released by cooking at the higher temperatures allowed by fired pottery.


Paste: Gray
Temper: Sand
Surface: The sand temper protrudes giving the surface a rough finish
Forms: Globular, suggesting gourds
Design: None


Lino Fugitive Red
LMA Type Collections

This sherd has traces of red pigment visible on the exterior side. The earliest attempts at providing vessels with a red slip were less than successful. Low firing temperatures did not sufficiently bond the slip to the vessel, and it soon abraded or washed away, leaving only traces.