Kayenta Black-on-White - CA. 1200-1300

Kayenta Black-on-White is one of the finest wares produced in the Tusayan area. The slip is smooth, clear and bright, and the painted designs are very solid. These vessels were well fired and have a metallic ring when struck. Designs are banded and negative-painted, the designs created by the allowing the slip to show through the heavy, black bands.


Paste: White to gray
Temper: Fine sand
Surface: White slip, polished
Forms: Bowls with strap handles, jars, ladles
Design: Negative-painted designs, (where the ground is painted and the designs remain the color of the slip), often a series of interlocking stepped elements, arranged in bands on the vessel


6-1/2" high
Exchange, Field Museum, Chicago
LMA 21041


Exchange, Field Museum, Chicago
LMA 21041