Gallup Black-on-White - CA. 1030-1125

The decoration on Gallup Black-on-White consists almost entirely of banded hatched elements. Solid elements only occur as decorative touches. This type is parallel to Dogoszhi Black-on-White, which has organic paint, and slightly predates Chaco Black-on- White, whose designs are tighter and whose hatching is much more closely spaced.


Paste: White to light gray
Temper: Crushed sherd and sand
Surface: Thin, streaky slip
Forms: Bowls, pitchers, jars, dippers
Design: Running bands or triangular spirals, hatched and often tipped with solid triangles


8-1/4" diameter
Horatio N. Rust Collection 
LMA 15262


6-1/4" diameter
Chaco Canyon
Gift of Kathy Kuplic
LMA 1837