Flagstaff Black-on-White - CA. 1040-1220

Flagstaff Black-on-White is similar to Sosi Black-on- White, but designs are busier, being smaller in scale and executed in finer line widths. Bowls often have flaring rims, and Y-frame layouts are common. Designs tend to be rather loosely executed. Slips, when present, are difficult to detect as they match the paste.


Paste: Light gray to white
Temper: Very fine sand with occasional dark angular fragments, sherd temper or volcanic ash
Surface: Polished and slipped
Forms: Bowls (often with flaring rims), jars, effigies and ladles
Design: Opposed barbed lines are diagnostic, and interlocking elements and rectilinear spiral motifs are common


8-3/4" diameter
Exchange, Field Museum, Chicago
LMA 21042


10" max. diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 9292


4-1/2" long
Zim Collection
LMA 9210