Chaco Black-on-White - CA. 1075-1150

Chaco Black-on-White was produced in the area around Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico. Key diagnostic features which distinguish this type from Gallup Black-on-White include more finely executed hatching with wider framing lines and black painted rims.


Paste: Light gray to white
Temper: Fine sand
Surface: Polished and slipped
Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, effigies
Design: Wide-lined designs with large opposed triangles, lines frequently bordered by pendant dots


9" diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 9252

The excessive wear on this bowl rendered typing difficult, but the fine hatching visible near the black painted rim were two indicators of Chaco. This bowl may, however, be a late example of Gallup Black-on-White.


9" diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 9252

The hatching in the pendant triangles is squiggly, suggesting the possibility that this is in fact a Gallup Black-on-White bowl.


LMA Type Sherd Collections

This sherd is more characteristic of Chaco, with its much wider framing lines and fine, well-executed hatching.


Ruin near Aztec, New Mexico
LMA 21002

The shape of this sherd suggests that it came from the base of a mug or jar, characteristic shapes for vessels in both the Chaco and Mesa Verde areas.