Abajo Black-on-Orange - CA. 750-900

Abajo Red-on-Orange wares were found at a site called Alkali Ridge in southeastern Utah. It is a rather unusual type for its time, as it both fired in an oxidizing atmosphere, and is decorated with red to plum paint. While a few black-on-red types existed at this time, this red-on-orange variety is unique, and may be related to Mogollon Red-on-Brown in some distant way, the aesthetic introduced through a piece of trade ware.


Paste: Gray to brown
Temper: Sand and rock fragments
Surface: Unslipped, polished, oxidized to orange
Forms: Jars
Design: Simple chevrons and zigzags suggestive of basketry


5-1/2" high
Peet Collection
LMA 15578


Southwest Expedition Surface Collections
LMA 21191