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The Logan Museum publishes a newsletter, the Logan Letter, which provides news on museum activities and collections. Click here for electronic access to the Logan Letter, or contact the museum if you wish to be placed on the mailing list for printed newsletters.

The Logan Museum has published books on its research and educational work since 1928. Please see below for lists of books available from the museum and from other publishers.

Logan Museum Books in Print:

Achoma Archaeology: A Study of Terrace Irrigation in Peru. Edited by Daniel E. Shea. 146 pp., illustrated, 1997. $10.00.

The Albert Green Heath Collection. Daniel Eck. 23 pp., illustrated, 1992. $3.00.

Alonzo Pond and the 1930 Logan Museum Expedition to North Africa: The 1985 Beloit College Symposium. Edited by Lawrence B. Breitborde. 66 pp., illustrated, 1992. $10.00.

The Aurignacians and Their Culture . George L. Collie. 139 pp., illustrated, 1928. $10.00.

A Contribution to the Study of Prehistoric Man in Algeria, North Africa. Alonzo W. Pond, with supplementary papers “Pleistocene Mammals in Algeria” by A.S. Romer and “Skeletal Material from Mechta-el-Arbi” by Fay-Cooper Cole. 189 pp., illustrated, 1928. $10.00.

French Paleolithic Collections in the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Edited by Randall White and Lawrence B. Breitborde. 367 pp., illustrated, 1992. $20.00.

To order please send check or money order to:

Logan Museum of Anthropology
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
Or call (608)363-2361 or fax (608)363-7144.

Please add $5.00 per order for shipping and handling for the first book, plus $1.00 for each additional book. Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax.

Logan Museum books available from other publishers:

Primitive Methods of Working Stone, Based on Experiments of Halvor L. Skavlem . Alonzo W. Pond. 143 pp., illustrated, 1930. Reprinted 2007 with a new introduction by John C. Whittaker. Available from Gustav’s Library , $19.95 plus s&h.

The books below are available from Periodicals Service Company.

The Ancient Mimbreños, Based on Investigations at the Mattocks Ruin, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. Paul H. Nesbitt. 105 pp., illustrated, 1931.

Prehistoric Habitation Sites in the Sahara and North Africa. Alonzo W. Pond and Louis Chapuis, with additional papers “Mammalian Remains from Some Paleolithic Stations in Algeria” by Alfred S. Romer and “The Mollusca of the Shell Heaps or Escargotières of Northern Algeria, Including Comparisons with the Recent Fauna of Algeria” by Frank C. Baker. 244 pp., illustrated, 1938.

Starkweather Ruin: A Mogollon-Pueblo Site in the Upper Gila Area of New Mexico, and Affiliative Aspects of the Mogollon Culture. Paul H. Nesbitt. 194 pp., illustrated, 1938.

Teaching Anthropology. Edited by Andrew H. Whiteford. 66 pp., 1960.

Two Cities of Latin America: A Comparative Description of Social Classes. Andrew H. Whiteford. 101 pp.,, illustrated, 1960.

Woodland Cultures of Southern Illinois. Moreau S. Maxwell. 287 pp., illustrated, 1951.

The books below are available by photocopy on demand from the Logan Museum. Price: $.15 per page, plus $5.00 shipping & handling. Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax.

Contemporary Issues in Africa. Edited by Akinsola Akiwowo. 98 pp., 1961.

Some Major Problems Facing the New African Nations. Edited by Akinsola Akiwowo 129 pp., 1961.

The Concept of Type in American Archaeology. Edited by Donald E. Janzen. 19 pp., 1971.

Culture History of the Sapoa River Valley, Costa Rica. Frederick W. Lange. 288 pp., illustrated, 1971.