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Discover the many ways you can become involved in the museum and take advantage of learning opportunities.

Museum Studies Program

A Beloit student examines a pot from the collections in the Logan Museum. Beloit College is home to a well-established and nationally recognized undergraduate Museum Studies program. According to a 2018 external review. “Beloit College is a recognized leader in the academic field of Museum Studies.” 

The program offers students unparalleled access to two on-campus museums. Instruction by faculty in anthropology, art, and history, as well as museum education, and extensive opportunities for student involvement in the campus museums. Program reviewers stated that “…one of the greatest strengths of the Museum Studies Program curriculum at Beloit is its emphasis on experiential, hands-on learning and practice.

Beloit College was one of the first undergraduate institutions to offer a museum studies minor. Inaugurated in 1982, the minor had been preceded by decades of coursework in museology offered by the anthropology department as well as extensive student and faculty involvement with the Logan Museum and Wright Museum of Art.

Student Opportunities

The Logan Museum offers a variety of ways for Beloit College students, as well as students at other undergraduate or graduate academic institutions, to gain hands-on practice in collections management, collections care and exhibit development.

Museum Assistants and Internships

A Beloit student studies a textile from the collection in the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Work-study and volunteer opportunities are available to assist in collections care and management, exhibit development, museum administration, and program development and deployment.

The Logan Museum periodically sponsors graduate-level summer internships. For more information about work-study, volunteer, and internship opportunities please contact the curator.

Center for Collections Care

Students in Center for Collections Care example a fabric object. The Center for Collections Care at Beloit College (C 3 ) provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for hands-on learning for practicing and emerging museum, library, archive, and conservation professionals professionals. Collections care courses are taught in-person and online by conservation professionals from around the country.

The Museum Club

The Museum Club is a student-run club that regularly sponsors events at the Logan Museum and Wright Museum of Art. The club also sponsors trips to other museums in the region.

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For more information about how the Logan Museum can support your academic experience, please contact any member of the Logan Museum staff.

Faculty Opportunities

A class explores the collections at the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Research demonstrates that object-based instruction and direct object handling can increase knowledge retention and have emotional impacts and can be used to leverage greater interaction and discussion among students in the classroom.

The Logan Museum is committed to long-term curricular engagement and as such offers, a variety of different ways faculty can infuse object-based learning in the classroom. Museum staff works with faculty to develop opportunities to meet learning goals and inspire connections across disciplines.

Examples of previous faculty collaborations include:

  • Guided tours of temporary exhibits based on relevant course themes
  • Guided behind-the-scenes tours of storage based on relevant course themes
  • Hands-on object labs based on specific course themes
  • Object study/biographies and object-based research
  • Reading an object exercises
  • Class development exhibits

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For more information about how the Logan Museum can support your teaching efforts, please contact any member of the Logan Museum staff.

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