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November 23 through 27.

Ongoing Exhibits

Ongoing exhibits dominate the first and second floors of the Logan Museum. The centerpiece of the first floor is the Visible Storage “Cube” surrounded by cased exhibits that detail the history and purpose of the museum’s collections. The second floor Robert G. Shaw Gallery showcases changing exhibitions curated by museum staff and Beloit College students and faculty.

Current Exhibits

Health and Culture in the Spanish Speaking World

April 29 until December 17

A student exhibition by SPAN 218, Health and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World.


Bioarchaeology of Marginalized Groups

May 2 until December 17

A student exhibition by ANTH 375, Bioarchaeology of Marginalized Groups.


Birds of the World

Detail from polychrome plate by José Andres Villalba (2015), Mata Ortiz, Mexico.
September 27 until December 17

From stories and songs to art and science, humans have long been fascinated with birds. Birds of the World explores our relationship with birds, their scientific and cultural value, and how these values can help us better understand deforestation, climate change, and human interactions with the environment.


Online Exhibits

COVID-19 presented the Logan Museum with an opportunity to re-imagine how we construct and share exhibit content. Pivoting to an online format presents new learning and engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff and ensures exhibit content is more broadly accessible. We hope our new online exhibits inspire collaboration, dialogue, and knowledge production during and after the current pandemic.

Kuba Textiles: The Art of a Kingdom

Kuba design cloths are multi-use, geometric panels produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They tell a 400-year story spanning the unification of a kingdom, the creation and collapse of a Belgian colony, and the birth of an international art market.

Explore Kuba Textiles: The Art of a Kingdom 

“Nothing Servile:” Native Resistance at the Santee Normal Training School

“Nothing Servile:” Native Resistance at the Santee Normal Training School tells the story of how students at a Native American boarding school combatted forces of assimilation and preserved aspects of their cultures. Curated by Morgan Lippert ’21, it explores our nation’s infamous Native American boarding school system—in doing so, questioning Santee’s connections to Beloit College.

Explore “Nothing Servile:” Native Resistance at the Santee Normal Training School 

Previous Exhibits

Feb 2022

1 in 100: Migration and Displacement

About 1 in every 100 people on earth have fled their homes to escape persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, and events disturbing public order and safety.

Oct 2021

Monstrum: Embodiments of Fear

Monsters abound in horror movies but are not confined to the screen. They roam the world and realms around us. Some are terrifying and gruesome, preying on their victims. Others are guardians, aiding those that honor them.


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