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Current Exhibitions

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Watermarks: Water and the Human Experience is a collection of art and artifacts depicting the ways communities use water in their daily lives. It represents how humans have used water as a means of transportation and adapted to the excess or absence of it. It even explores the many myths around the world about water and all the spiritual context water has.

Museum studies students in the Exhibition Design and Development class spent the semester creating the exhibit. Splitting up into curatorial teams, groups worked on individual cases, as well as on teams for registration, content development, and design. Visit the Shaw Galley, located on the second floor of the Logan Museum of Anthropology, to learn how people’s lives around the world shape and are shaped by water in Watermarks: Water and the Human Experience runs through June 2016.



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Collecting Today: Mata Ortiz Ceramics

This exhibit tells the story of how Mata Ortiz ceramics came to be, why the Logan Museum of Anthropology decided to collect contemporary ceramics from a small village in northern Mexico, and how opportunities for student engagement followed.

You can find this exhibit in the Shaw Gallery on the Museum’s second floor, and it runs through March 4, 2016.


[What Culture is She Wearing?]

What Culture is She Wearing? Examining Appropriation at Beloit College through Photos

What harm is it to wear objects from a different culture? This is one of several questions being asked in an exhibit of photos from the 1930’s-1960’s of Beloit students wearing cultural objects from the Logan Museum of Anthropology’s collections.  What Culture is She Wearing? Examining Appropriation at Beloit College through Photos examines how Beloit College students have changed the way they interact with objects and view other cultures. Curated by Franny Alfano'15.

This exhibit runs through December 7, 2015, in the Museum's first floor Foyer.