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Andean Identites Title 






By examining representations of racial-ethnic, gender, and class categories in the Andes over the last 500 years, Andean Identities looks at how individuals and groups (indigenous, mixed-race, and Afro-Peruvian) categorize themselves and others, and what inequalities result. European colonialism left a legacy of inequalities related to identity that persists, not only in the Andes, but also in North America. The exhibit concludes with comparison of cases of unequal citizenship. What do indigenous women’s movements in Peru have to do with Black Lives Matter in the US and Students for an Inclusive Campus at Beloit? Come see the exhibit to find out and make your own connections to your society and community.

In the Shaw Gallery on the museum's second floor.

Being and Belonging Title Graphic

Being here is not the same as belonging here. Moving into a new community means finding your place among the unfamiliar. This exhibit examines the everyday struggle to preserve one’s identity while fitting into a new social and cultural context. These objects come from a 500-year old mummy bundle from the Central Coast of Peru. This person’s grave goods tell a story of maintaining their ethnic identity while incorporating themselves (assimilating) into a new society.

In the Shaw Gallery on the museum's second floor.