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Beloit College

Student Symposium is taking place TODAY, April 17. Click here for details, schedule.

Current Exhibitions

[Object Investigations 2014]

Together, the Logan Museum of Anthropology and Wright Museum of Art curate over 400,000 objects. Have you ever wondered how these objects made their way to Beloit, how they were made, or the significance to the people who made them? These are just a few of the questions collections management students investigated as part of their object study research project. Spring-summer 2014

[Creation Stories Logo] 

Museum Studies Exhibit Design and Development class project, Creation Stories: Craft, Culture, and Environment in Northeastern Native America. This exhibit features Native American objects from the Northeastern United States and Canada and looks at how intersections of nature and culture affect Native American art and craft.  

[Ancient Whispers Title Graphic]         Ancient people whisper their stories to us through the traces of the lives they left behind. Archaeologists collect and record these whispers in the forms of objects, human remains, and careful observations of the built environment. Excavations by Beloit College students at Starkweather Ruin, a Mogollon culture site, near Reserve, New Mexico in the 1930s illustrate how these traces are collected, and, taken together, what they can reveal about ancient lives. On the Museum’s first floor.