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Object Investigations 2017 







Together, the Logan Museum of Anthropology and Wright Museum of Art curate over 400,000 objects. Have you ever wondered how these objects made their way to Beloit, how they were made, or their significance to the people who made them? These are just a few of the questions collections management students investigated as part of their object study research projects.

Shaw Gallery, 2nd Floor, Logan Museum


Medium and Message 

Communication relies on signs. A sign’s effect is dependent on the way you and the person you send it to interpret it. The values, traditions, and customs you share within a group of people make up your “cultural framework.” The receiver assesses the potential meanings of your sign against all of the known possibilities within your shared cultural framework. The context within which you send a sign vehicle becomes critical to someone interpreting its meaning correctly.

Medium and Message: How People Communicate shows some of the signs that people use to communicate specific messages within their cultural frameworks. As you examine them, consider the signs you use to communicate similar ideas.

Shaw Gallery, 2nd Floor, Logan Museum