Rights & Reproduction

The LMA offers the public the opportunity to purchase reproductions of images and to order original photography of collection objects or photographs from its collections for which the Museum holds the copyright. Use must maintain or enhance the LMA’s reputation for quality and be non-exploitative and culturally sensitive. Availability of images and the option of original photography is subject to the condition of the material, applicable state and federal laws (including copyright), and cultural restrictions.

Requests for permission to photograph, publish, electronically transmit, or publicly display images of museum holdings must be made on an Application and Policy for Image Use and Reproduction Form.

Still photography is allowed in the Logan Museum galleries and public spaces at any time the Museum is open to the general public. Photography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only. Restrictions may apply and photography may be prohibited at an object lender’s request, or due to cultural sensitivity, copyright, or privacy restrictions. Flash photography and video camera use are not allowed in the museum galleries or in any public spaces where objects are on exhibit.

Images on the Logan Museum web site are copyrighted by Beloit College, the individual authors, or photographers. Much of the material is freely available for non-profit educational use. We welcome your linking to our pages but contact Manuel Ferreira, Curator at ferreiram@beloit.edu if you are creating such a link.

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