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Project Overview

The Logan Museum received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to help improve preservation of and access to its collections. The museum used the grant and cost-sharing funds to install mobile storage equipment and to rehouse approximately 8,000 ethnographic objects and to purchase cabinets to rehouse approximately 69,000 archaeological objects in conditions that meet current professional museum standards. Through the two-year project, the Logan Museum is:

  1. Replacing inappropriate and substandard storage equipment;
  2. Mitigating inappropriate environmental conditions;
  3. Alleviating overcrowding and lack of accessibility;
  4. Creating new space for the growth of collections.

The following images illustrate why rehousing archaeological and ethnographic objects was the Logan Museum’s highest preservation priority.



Non-archival and unstable wooden storage
units in ethnology storage.


Weapons racks pose safety risk to museum
staff and are unstable and overcrowded.


Lack of climate control resulted in
mold outbreak in Tobin collection storage area.


Nonarchival materials were used to store
archaeology collections.