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Archaeology Collections: Phase I (September 2006)

Approximately 69,000 archaeological objects from Wisconsin, the Great Plains, the American Southwest, Mexico, and other places are being moved from a wire cage in the archaeology laboratory to a climate controlled storage area—the Collie room—in the basement of the Godfrey Anthropology building and are being rehoused in new cabinets. Archaeology collections had been stored in acidic boxes in non-archival, dirty, and moldy containers inside the boxes. These collections are being rehoused in 4 mil polyethylene bags and archival specimen trays. Associated data are being entered into the museum’s collections database. The archaeology rehousing project is coordinated and implemented by Loran Berg under the supervision of Nicolette Meister, curator of collections. Sara Pfannkuche, visiting curator of archaeology, is organizing collections from the Northern Lakes Project excavations (1965-1969) in preparation for rehousing by Loran and his crew.

The archaeology rehousing project began with the delivery of 14 cabinets, each with 13 gliding drawers equipped with stops to ensure drawers could not accidentally be pulled out of the cabinets. The cabinets arrived in late September 2006 and were placed on top of existing cabinets of the same dimensions in the Collie room. Rehousing began after the drawers were lined with 1/8” polyethylene foam for padding.