[HIST 238] 1756-1865: Confederation to Confederacy

In the Plan of Union prepared during the 1754 “Albany Convention,” Anglo-American colonists met to consider uniting for their common defense. That plan failed, but a later experiment in unity succeeded when the united colonies declared independence. Nevertheless, social, cultural, and ideological differences persisted, and the union formed in 1776 was tried and tested before finally fracturing with the secession of South Carolina, precipitating the Civil War. In the intervening years, Americans grappled with how they should govern themselves, who should be included in the polity, and how society should be organized. Reformers considered the controversial issues of women’s rights, the plight of Native Americans, and the place of slavery in a nation founded on the precept that “All men are created equal.” This course covers the periods of the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the early national and antebellum periods, before concluding with the Civil War.

Course Title

1756-1865: Confederation to Confederacy

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HIST 238



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Offered spring semester. Open to first-year students.

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