[HEAL 323] Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction

This course we will examine current issues in human sexual behavior and reproduction–both biologically and culturally–utilizing an anthropological perspective. Most broadly defined, anthropology is the study of humans, and anthropological investigations strive to know who we are, how we came to be, and where we are headed. In an evolutionary sense, sex and reproduction are intimately tied to our Darwinian fitness. Our approach will enable us to study the interrelatedness of biological, behavioral, cultural, social, and political aspects of human sex and reproduction. Through readings, lectures, films, and class discussions we will examine issues such as new reproductive technologies, the biology and culture of pregnancy and childbirth, mate choice, menopause, sexual dysfunction, sex/gender anomalies, etc.

Course Title

Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction

Course Code

HEAL 323



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, and Anthropology 100 or 120.


Also listed as Anthropology 323.

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