[GLAM 241] Romans In and Out of Love

The explosion of civil wars in Rome in the 1st century BCE is met with an equal explosion of... love poetry? This course examines the tropes, imagery, and metrics of Roman elegy. Students will encounter representative works of Catullus, Propertius, Tibullus, Sulpicia, and Ovid. Depending on the interests and expertise of the instructor and the students, the course may focus on one or two of the above authors, or it may focus on a particular theme, such as programmatic openings, the amica, the art of seduction, complaints, breakups, etc. Attention is directed toward stylistics and critical interpretation in light of Augustan literature and politics.

Course Title

Romans In and Out of Love

Course Code

GLAM 241



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies 141 or consent of instructor.
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