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[GLAM 201] Beloit Blocks: Ghosts of Rome

Rome is a city of ghosts, of sharp juxtapositions between ancient and modern, then and now. It is haunted by a past that also sustains it, culturally and economically. Some ghosts are sanctioned, others are not; some are displayed, some reveal themselves, and others have to be sought. This course engages students in an imaginative approach to the ancient and modern city, exploring its past and present and learning how our own experiences [of history, urban spaces, culture, and even college itself] inevitably change the landscape of our investigation. Students spend a week in Beloit immersing themselves in Roman history, calibrating approaches to on-site study, and planning for study abroad. The class then travels to Italy, where we spend ten days hunting the ghosts of Rome—those that live there, and those we bring with us. Taught in English.

Course Title

Beloit Blocks: Ghosts of Rome

Course Code

GLAM 201



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Offered occasionally during the summer Beloit Blocks session.

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