Rebekah Evans

Rebekah Evans ’18 is currently finishing her first year of an MFA at DePaul University’s Film School. Evans didn’t realize how much her double majors in Media Studies and Theatre prepared her for her life after Beloit College. It is her major in Theatre which she found herself being grateful for time and time again. Although Evans’ passion was with film and media studies, it was theatre skills that she needed to develop in preparation for film school. The courses for theatre taught Evans core principles and skills which she has been able to transfer to her studies for film. Dissecting and analyzing scripts, stepping in the shoes of an actor, and directing actors are just of few of the skills which her theatre major provided her so she was better prepared for DePaul University and where she hopes to go as a filmmaker.

Evans asserts, “I am also extremely grateful for my adviser. It was actually her idea that I take up the major in theatre, although I was hesitant at first, not seeing how it could benefit me in film, I am grateful for her advice, counsel, and guidance throughout my undergrad to this day.”

  • Rebekah Evans 2019

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