[EDYS 382] Capstone Seminar

Seniors reflect together with the instructor on issues in education and youth studies encountered over their undergraduate career. The class undertakes the joint study of a topic of common interest, producing a volume of writing that represents each student’s contribution to this study. Students also discuss post-graduate plans and opportunities. Individually, students synthesize in writing, and by other means, the portfolio they have assembled in their courses, along with recollections and records of related experiences, i.e. off-campus study and internships. Students are responsible for the completion of a substantive capstone project that represents, in most cases, their teaching experiences and/or research in Education and Youth Studies 300 and 306, respectively. All students present some version of their capstone projects publicly: in a college symposium, in departmental symposia, in another Education and Youth Studies course, or off-campus, in a school or agency, for example.

Course Title

Capstone Seminar

Course Code

EDYS 382



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: senior standing, education and youth studies major or minor, Education and Youth Studies 300 or 306.


Offered each semester.

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