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[EDYS 306] Field Research in Education and Youth Studies

The purpose of this course is to develop understanding and practical expertise in qualitative inquiry into a broad range of contemporary issues in education and youth studies. Students develop proposals for field-based research; learn about the relevant methods of inquiry for their chosen topics and settings; undertake supervised research in local settings; and write a final report of their experience/findings. In regular meetings of the entire class, small-scale group research projects are developed and executed, individual research proposals are presented and critiqued, and methods of inquiry are studied. Students are strongly encouraged to develop research projects that feature exploration of social justice issues, and to seek commensurate field placements. Students also work collaborately on the composition of their written research reports. The class also includes a more individualized component, in which students work with the instructor and their field supervisor to carry out their own research projects.

Course Title

Field Research in Education and Youth Studies

Course Code

EDYS 306


.5 - 3


Prerequisite: junior standing and at least 1 unit of Education and Youth Studies 276.


Offered each semester.

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