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[EDYS 276] Advanced Topics in Education and Youth Studies

Courses offered under this rubric address a wide range of questions central to education and youth studies, from different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Pedagogical approaches also vary according to instructor and topic. Recent offerings, for example, have focused on East Asian education, youth involvement in U.S. labor history, racial dynamics of Romani education, gender and education, environmental justice, mindfulness and adolescent development, African coming-of-age literature, et al. Nearly all offerings under this rubric are explicitly oriented toward the understanding of issues of inequality, injustice, and critical difference. Each offering of the course provides an introduction to, and practical experience with, the methodologies of inquiry specific to the discipline/topic under study. May be taken for credit more than once, with different topics.

Course Title

Advanced Topics in Education and Youth Studies

Course Code

EDYS 276


.50, 1.00


Prerequisite: varies by topic.


Offered three times each year.

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