[EDYS 262] Literacy, Language, and Literature

This course is a theoretical and practical investigation into language arts conceived broadly, focused on children and youth in both school and informal settings. Students learn about first and second language/literacy acquisition, including ‘phonics’; sociolinguistics, including multilingualism; cognitive/neuropsychological processes underlying the development of language/literacy; disabilities related to language/literacy; reading and writing pedagogies; and the experience of engagement with literature. The course includes attention to readers, writers, and speakers with diverse social, linguistic, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities, as well as different levels of opportunity to learn. Students observe students at different ages engaged in a variety of language activities, engage in practice teaching, and undertake an independent participant/observation research project in a local school.

Course Title

Literacy, Language, and Literature

Course Code

EDYS 262



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: sophomore standing and one 100-level education and youth studies courses.


Offered each fall.
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