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[EDYS 246] Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

This course is designed for students who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language [ESL/EFL]. It includes foundational information on the theories, contexts, and methodology of language acquisition, as well as an overview of current socio-political issues related to teaching English abroad. Students will examine, discuss, and apply aspects of the following topics: intercultural communication, curriculum development and lesson planning, skill-based methodology, language assessment, materials critiques, computer/ technology-aided learning, resource development, classroom research, and socio-cultural theory. Field experience, classroom observations, and practice teaching are included.

Course Title

Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

Course Code

EDYS 246


.50, 1.00


Prerequisite: sophomore standing and at least one semester of language study that is not their mother tongue/first language.


Offered each spring.

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