Orianna O’Neill

Orianna O’Neill ’16 graduated with a quadruple major in Performance, Dance, and Elementary and Secondary Education. Immediately after graduation, O’Neill finished her second student teaching semester in New Zealand and moved to Seattle. Within a week she had both a job as a substitute teacher and a role as a stage manager for a local fringe theatre company. Since then, O’Neill has become a full time Music and Performing Arts teacher at a small independent elementary school in Seattle, a company member in a theatre company, and a board member for a renowned choir.

O’Neill proudly brags, “All of this was made possible through connections and skills from Beloit College, recommendations from professors, technical theatre skills from the costume shop, acting experience through department shows and BITE, and the Beloit College choirs and acapella group. Above all, the most important skill gained was the ability to create the work that needs to be created, and not waiting around for someone else to do it.”

  • Oriana O’Neill
    Class of 2016
    Photo By:  Eliza Truitt Photography

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