[ECON 203] Economics of Globalization

This course examines three main aspects of economic globalization: international trade, international migration, and international capital flows. We will use economic models to study why each aspect of globalization happens, who are the winners and losers from each, and the impacts of globalization on matters of interests such as economic growth, poverty and inequality, the environment, labor standards, etc. The theoretical analyses are then confronted with data and country case studies. This will enable us to understand why some people are against globalization while others embrace it, whether we should have more or less globalization, or how we should reform or change globalization. This course is recommended for students who plan to work for government and international organizations in activities affected by international economic relations.

Course Title

Economics of Globalization

Course Code

ECON 203



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Economics 199.


Offered once per year.

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