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[CSCI 376] Software Engineering Capstone II

Beginning with the software specification and design produced by Computer Science 375 the previous semester, this course focuses on the implementation of the software design into code. Objects of the software system are assigned to different teams, and teams learn the skills necessary to coordinate the construction of a larger system from the construction of the individual objects of the system. Emphasis is placed on the design of methods, programming “by contract,” and the use of automated testing to validate those contracts. Structured approaches to object documentation and code inspections are used regularly. Ongoing collaborative integration of the team components is achieved through formal configuration management tools. As a capstone course, we will also look at a variety of current issues in the profession, with students researching issues of interest to them and presenting them to the class.

Course Title

Software Engineering Capstone II

Course Code

CSCI 376



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: junior standing, Computer Science 204; Computer Science 375 is recommended.


Offered in even years, spring semester.

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