[CSCI 375] Software Engineering Capstone I

Surveys the basics of modern software engineering, with a focus on the requirements, specification, and initial design of a substantial software project. Students, working in teams, develop requirement scenarios, specifications documents, and a preliminary user manual for the project. The class as a whole reviews, critiques, and approves these documents, which generally go through multiple drafts. In parallel, teams also produce preliminary architectural design options for the software, and the class compares and reviews the options presented. As a capstone course, we also look at a variety of current issues in the profession, with students researching issues of interest to them and presenting them to the class.

Course Title

Software Engineering Capstone I

Course Code

CSCI 375



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: junior standing, Computer Science 204.


Offered in odd years, fall semester.

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