Characterizing Antibiotic-Producing Bacterial Isolates

My research is in the area of antibiotic discovery, with the goal of discovering new molecules that could be used as antibiotics (medicines to treat bacterial infections). I collaborate with the international Tiny Earth network of scientists and students working to mitigate the antibiotic crisis. This work draws upon skills and techniques from many disciplines: organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics. The Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub at UW-Madison has identified many “high priority” bacterial isolates with antibiotic activity, and this collaborative project would include conducting bioassays to screen these isolates for antibiotic activity and performing genomic DNA extractions for future sequencing analysis.

Project Duration

4 weeks (06/03/23- 06/28/23)

Prerequisite Courses

CHEM 117 (Introductory Chemistry) and BIOL 208 (Microbiology)

Preferred Courses

CHEM/BIOL 260 (Nutrition and Metabolism)

Number of Positions


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