Bone Density Changes During the Post-Mortem Interval

Forensic investigators have begun to use technologies such as Computed Tomography (CT) studies to assess Bone Mineral Density (BMD) differences amongst age, sex, and pathology of decedents under their care. This research has the potential to help greatly with the identification of unknown decedents. However, the integration of these studies with archaeological and microbiological research regarding the changes of a body during the Post-Mortem Interval (PMI) and across levels of decomposition has been lacking. More knowledge regarding bone density changes after death is necessary in order for the use of BMD data to be applied appropriately to unknown decedents. This project will use the CT studies from a consenting donor database to measure the BMD of decedents at different levels of decomposition.

Focus Areas


Project Duration

8 weeks (06/03/23 - 07/26/23)

Prerequisite Courses

Taken one of the following: BIOL 256 Anatomy, ANTH 230 Human Osteology, or HEAL 301 Anatomy of Kinesiology and Somatics for Movers

Preferred Courses

Taken more than one of the courses listed above

Number of Positions


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