Studio Art Major

  1. Nine departmental units:
    1. Art 103 and 115.
    2. Art History 245.
    3. Five units of studio courses in a minimum of two media.* Of the 5 courses:
      1. At least 2 must be 200-level.
      2. At least 1 must be 300-level.
    4. Art 384 and 385 (.5 each): Senior seminar must be taken in the fall and spring terms, and each student’s senior exhibit occurs in his or her last term in residency. While the exhibit is on display, art faculty conduct an oral examination with the student.
  2. Two supporting units:
    1. Two elective units chosen from Art History 110, 210, or 250, or Media Studies 100, 110, or 250, or Philosophy 232.
  3. Writing/Communication requirement: The department of art teaches and refines skills that are essential for navigating our image-saturated world. Studio art and art history majors are engaged in interpreting, utilizing, and contributing to visual culture; developing the skills of visual, verbal, and written communication is an essential component in these endeavors. Through formal and informal writing assignments, oral presentations, and group critiques, students gain a level of comfort and ease in self-expression and effective communication.

*Students intending to certify to teach in schools are advised to distribute these units across a wide range of media, in consultation with their advisor.

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