Critical Identity Studies Major

  1. Critical Identity Studies 101.
  2. Doing Community Requirement (.5 or 1 unit): Chosen from PRAX 110 or 205 or Critical Identity Studies 350. This requirement gives students the tools they need to build and transform communities of which they are a part.
  3. Methods course: 1 unit chosen from Critical Identity Studies 201, 203, or 205.
  4. Global requirement (choose one of the three options):
    1. 1 unit of Beloit College coursework or a study abroad experience that explores some aspect of identity formation, structures of inequality, or processes of power and resistance through international/global contexts.
    2. 2 units of language study.
    3. Proficiency in a language other than English.

      We strongly encourage language acquisition as a crucial skill for developing cross-cultural understanding.
  5. Two units of advanced theory coursework, at least one of which must be chosen from Critical Identity Studies core courses (301, 309, 311, 312, 315, 320, 325, 330). Other advanced theory courses are crosslisted with CRIS at the 300-level or designated by the chair of critical identity studies.
  6. Capstone course or experience (.5 or 1)
  7. Additional units of Critical Identity Studies courses that add up to at least 10 units in total.
  8. No more than 3 courses crosslisted with Critical Identity Studies 140, 141, or 142 may apply to the major.
  9. Students with a GPA 3.6 or above in courses in the major may apply in the fall of the senior year for honors. Honors are awarded based on the development and public presentation of an outstanding senior project that builds or transforms community.

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