Creative Writing Major

  1. Ten course units:
    1. English 190, 194, and 205.
    2. Three units from advanced creative writing workshops: English 210, 215, 220, 223, 224, 226, or 310. (Majors may not double-count for b. the same 310 class taken for the capstone seminar requirement.)
    3. One unit of pre-1900 literature, such as English 250, 251, or 254.
    4. One unit of English focused on anti-racism and/or social power structures, such as English 261 or 263. Upper-level English courses in literary studies or creative writing with this topical focus can also meet this requirement.
    5. One elective unit, chosen to develop the student’s particular strengths as a writer, such as studio art, media studies, or literature in translation.
    6. A capstone seminar chosen from English 301 or 310.
  2. Completion of one of the following:
    1. Public performance of the student’s writing; OR
    2. Printed booklet containing student’s writing; OR
    3. Student’s writing communicated through other media (subject to departmental approval).

Majors who plan graduate study are strongly advised to select additional courses in literature in consultation with the major advisor. Such students should also acquire a thorough knowledge of at least one foreign language.

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