Museum Studies Minor

  1. Museum Studies 145 (.5) and 275.
  2. Two units from Anthropology 217 or 218; Anthropology/Museum Studies 247; Art History 150 (if topic is directly related to museum studies); Chemistry 225; History 210 (Constructing Archives or Public History); Mathematics/Interdisciplinary Studies 103 (if the term project focuses on a museum studies topic); or Museum Studies 260, 285, or 295. Other courses may be substituted, as determined by the needs of the student and approved by the student’s program advisor.
  3. Museum Studies 390 (1 unit; may be split between semesters).
  4. PRAX 200 (1 unit): an internship of at least 90 hours in a museum or other approved institution.
  5. Museum Studies 385 (.5).
  6. Participation in the ongoing programs of the Beloit College museums.
  7. Only 1 course taken to satisfy a major may be counted toward the museum studies minor.

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