Asian Studies Minor

  1. One unit from History 210-China, East Asia, and the Pacific World or Japan, East Asia, and the Pacific World. In some circumstances, other courses may be counted for this requirement. Contact the Asian studies advisor for permission.
  2. Asian Studies 351 (.5 unit).
  3. Two units of an approved Asian language, usually Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.
  4. Completing one of the following:
    • Two and one-half units from at least two departments other than modern languages and literatures approved by the Asian studies advisor as containing a minimum 25 percent Asian studies content. Contact Asian studies advisor for current list of qualifying courses.
    • As an alternative, students may graduate with a minor in Asian studies by completing requirements 1 and 2 above along with successful completion of a Beloit College or other study abroad program in an Asian country approved by the Asian studies advisor and the Committee on International Education.

Note: Students who are majoring in Chinese language and culture or Japanese language and culture may not elect the Asian studies minor.

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