Notes for Biology Majors

No course may satisfy two requirements for a biology major.

Students who complete a biology major may graduate with the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who wish to graduate with the Bachelor of Science degree must complete a minimum of 4 units in science and/or mathematics and/or computer science outside of the biology department.

Students anticipating graduate study or a medical career are urged to include the following courses in their undergraduate preparation:

  1. Chemistry 117 or 150, 220, 230, 235
  2. Mathematics 110 or 113, 115
  3. Physics 101, 102

Additional courses (e.g. Chemistry 240, 245, 300 and Mathematics 275) may be appropriate for graduate work in biology. Many graduate schools and some professional schools require knowledge of a non-English language (e.g. Spanish, French, Japanese, or Russian) for admission to their programs.

Students anticipating careers in the health professions are strongly encouraged to complete Sociology 275, Philosophy 221, and 2 units in literature and composition. Depending on the specific goal of the student and the requirements of potential professional or graduate programs, various additional courses in the sciences and other departments may be relevant and appropriate.

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