Notes for Chemistry Majors

  1. To graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, a student must complete 4 units in science/or mathematics outside chemistry. Students completing the minimum requirements of a chemistry major will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  2. Students intending to pursue graduate school need:
    1. Mathematics 110 or 113 and 115
    2. Physics 101 and 102
    3. At least one summer or semester full-time research experience
    4. Additional courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry are helpful
  3. Beloit College is approved by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, for the undergraduate professional training of chemists. In addition to fulfilling the major requirements, a student interested in earning ACS degree certification is required to complete:
    1. Mathematics 115
    2. Physics 102
    3. One additional 300-level chemistry course with laboratory work
    4. A research internship with a comprehensive written report

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