Comparative Literature Major

  1. Nine departmental units:
    1. Comparative Literature 190, 261.
    2. English 195 or 196.
    3. Two courses at the 200-level or above in the principal (non-native) literature read in the original language or partly in translation upon consultation with the advisor, with an emphasis on the classic works of that literature.
  2. One additional literature course (in English or in the principal language) at the 200-level or above.
  3. Three Comparative Literature 230 courses. Whenever possible, students should select Comparative Literature 230 courses that allow them to do work in the principal language. Comparative Literature 389 (Senior Thesis) may be used to substitute for one of these courses.
  4. Writing/communication requirement: All courses that count toward the major in comparative literature, whether taught in English or in the principal language, have heavy writing components. As befits the major, students will write literary and textual analyses using the skills of argument and persuasion, close reading, and the critical synthesis of ideas. Particular attention is given to the development of polished style in both English and the principal language. Emphasis is also given to the important stages of the writing process, including pre-writing, thesis development, and revision.
  5. The student majoring in comparative literature, if at all possible, should spend one term or more in a country where the language of the principal literature is spoken. Opportunities are offered in the Beloit College study abroad program, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest seminars abroad, and in individual foreign study and work programs.

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