Economics Major

The core of the economics major is economic theory. Economic theory is the set of tools an economist uses to understand the bewildering world of commerce to predict the behavior of individuals and certain groups into which they gather. The required and elective courses of this major will give students an appreciation for the way in which professional economists look at the world and how they try to understand how it works.

Students wanting to become professional economists should, of course, take this major. But it would also benefit those who are considering careers in other areas (law, public policy, business) and who have a flair for abstract reasoning and mathematics.

  1. Ten departmental units (6 of which must be Beloit College units):
    1. Economics 199, 211, 212, 251, 303, 305 or 306, and 380.
    2. Three elective units: no more than 1 unit from Economics 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 209, 210, and at least 2 units from Economics 220, 235, 245, 301, 304, 305 or 306, 320, and 336.
  2. Supporting courses (3 units):
    1. Three units from Mathematics 110 or 113, 115, and 1 course numbered 175 or higher, chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor OR Mathematics 115 and two additional courses numbered 175 or higher.

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