International Political Economy Major

International political economy (IPE) is a field of study that examines the systemic connections between the political and institutional rules of the social order and patterns of economic structure and performance in an international context. Though the field draws mainly upon economics and political science, the boundaries of IPE are somewhat fluid, incorporating sociology, anthropology, history, and area/regional studies.

The IPE major complements existing programs in international education by offering an international field of study that incorporates a rigorous quantitative sequence as part of its core curriculum. This internationally-oriented major that emphasizes social scientific empirical methods will be especially attractive to students interested in pursuing graduate programs in development studies and international economics, and careers in international business consulting, financial services, and NGO operations.

  1. Ten departmental units (6 of which must be Beloit College units):
    1. Economics 199, 211, 212, 235, 251, 303, and 380.
    2. Three elective units from Economics 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 209, 210, 220, 301, 304, 306, and 336.
  1. Supporting courses (3 units):
    1. A minimum of 1 unit on general world history of culture or on interactions or relations among countries.
    2. A minimum of 1 unit on a specific country or region of the world that is different from the student’s home country or region of the world.
    3. No more than 2 units from the same discipline can count toward these requirements.
    4. Students are strongly encouraged to take either Political Science 130, 160, or 246.
  2. Double majors in International Political Economy and International Relations may double count no more than 4 units.

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