Engineering Program Major (3-2)

The engineering program major (3-2) requires only 23 units of Beloit credit, but it also requires completion of an engineering degree from an ABET­-accredited institution. All other Beloit College degree requirements except for the 31-unit requirement must be met, and students do not receive their Beloit degree until the engineering school certifies the engineering degree.

Students must complete the engineering core, even if they opt for a second major at Beloit. It is sometimes possible to count some of the courses completed during the two years of engineering school toward the requirements of a second Beloit major; for example, an engineering course in fluid dynamics might count towards a Beloit physics major, and an engineering course in petroleum chemistry might count towards a Beloit chemistry major. Students must consult with the department of the second major in determining what will transfer back and count toward the requirements of the second major.

Most students are expected to complete the Experience requirement while at Beloit. With prior consultation with the Beloit engineering advisor, it is occasionally possible to complete the Experience requirement at the engineering school; planning for this must be done in advance.

Students will receive a bachelor’s degree with an “engineering program” major from Beloit College upon successful completion of the dual-degree program. Students who also complete an additional Beloit major will have both the “engineering program” major and the second major listed in their transcripts.

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