Engineering Program (4-2)

Students opting for the 4-2 program must complete a non-engineering Beloit major (such as chemistry, math, or physics, but the degree can be in any major), including the minimum 31 units of Beloit credit; students will receive their Beloit degree before matriculating at the engineering school. Students must complete the engineering core in order to be certified by the Beloit liaison to an affiliate school. Students then follow a two-year program of study at an ABET­-accredited engineering institution, leading to either a B.S. or an M.S. degree in engineering.

Students will receive a bachelor’s degree from Beloit with the Beloit major listed on their transcripts. The “engineering program” major will not be listed on the transcripts.

Ordinarily a student will need to choose between 3-2 and 4-2 by the end of their sophomore year, since the requirements of a Beloit major must be met for the 4-2 program.

Note: Financial aid criteria and award packages do not “transfer” from Beloit to an engineering college. A student must apply and qualify separately at the engineering college. Applying for financial assistance is generally a separate process concurrent with application for admission. A student who has graduated from Beloit before or while attending an engineering college (e.g., a student on the 4-2 program) is no longer an undergraduate, and undergraduate need-based financial aid will usually not be available subsequently at the engineering college. Graduate study is normally funded with assistantships or fellowships.

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