Notes for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Students

The two interdisciplinary environmental studies majors include introductory courses in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Core environmental courses, selected for their appropriateness to the student’s interests and proclivities in humanistic or social­ scientific environmental study, introduce the interdisciplinary study of environmental issues. Concentration courses allow students to further deepen their knowledge and acquire skills necessary for the practice of “environmental communication and arts” or “environmental justice and citizenship.” Environmental Studies 380 (Senior Colloquium in Environmental Studies) provides an opportunity for students from both tracks to reflect together upon the diverse perspectives on environmental issues they have studied.

Experience Requirement: Students interested in environmental studies are strongly encouraged to fulfill their Experience requirement through an environmental studies-related internship, or with pre-approval, through supplemental environmental studies programs, such as Coe College’s Wilderness Field Station. The Experience requirement may also be fulfilled during an approved study abroad experience with pre-approval.

Study Abroad: With advance consultation with their major advisor, students majoring in environmental studies may fulfill major requirements while studying abroad. In addition to gaining international experiences, students are strongly encouraged to develop fluency in a second language.

Multiple Majors and Minors:

  1. In the case of double-majors in environmental studies, ordinarily no more than 2 courses will be double-counted.
  2. No course may be used to satisfy two separate requirements for the environmental studies major. Environmental studies majors may not also minor in environmental studies or major in any of the environmental sciences.

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