Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

  1. One unit from History 150 (Slavery and Abolition), Political Science 272, or Spanish 230 or 285.
  2. One unit from French 210, 215; Spanish 210, 215 or above; OR another language when appropriate, upon approval of the advisor and minor chair.
  3. Four units chosen in consultation with the minor advisor and taken from Economics 204*, 209*, 235*; French 280 and other French courses when topics apply to Latin America and/or the Caribbean; History 150*, 210*, 310*, 385*; Mathematics 103* (also listed as Interdisciplinary Studies 103*); Political Science 230* (also listed as Health and Society 230*), 246*, 255*, 272, 273; and other Spanish courses when topics apply to Latin America and/or the Caribbean; summer block courses with a focus on Latin America and/or the Caribbean.
    • Courses marked with an asterisk only count toward the minor when the content of the courses or the individual assignments (e.g., papers, presentations) focus on a Latin American and/or Caribbean topic. Consult with both the course instructor and the minor advisor about such work before enrolling. Students wishing to count these courses toward the minor will be asked to turn in to the minor advisor a portfolio of the work done at the completion of the course.
  4. A two-page paper in which students offer a rationale for and synthesis of their chosen course of study.
  5. No more than 3 courses taken in the same program or department may count towards the minor.

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