Chinese Language and Culture Major

  1. Nine departmental units:
    1. Six units of Chinese language (above 100): Chinese 105, 110, 115, 200, 205, 220.
    2. One unit of Classical Chinese: 230.
    3. Two units of Asian literature or culture: Chinese 250, 255, 260, or 280. A student may fulfill 1 of these units with a Japanese literature or culture course: Japanese 240, 260, or 280.
  2. Three supporting courses:
    1. One unit of introductory Chinese history: History 210.
    2. Two other supporting courses, 1 of which must be chosen from the following group of courses that focus on China: Anthropology 375*; Art History 110, 150*, 250*; Comparative Literature 230*; Economics 206; History 150*, 210*, 310*; Interdisciplinary Studies 249, 288*; Philosophy 250; Political Science 236, 295*; or any one-time offering or topics course that deals primarily with China.
      • Courses with asterisks only apply if China is covered.
    3. One of the supporting courses may be chosen from the following group of courses that focus on East Asia: Anthropology 375*; Asian Studies 242; Art History 150*, 250”; Comparative Literature 230*; History 150*, 210*, 310*, Political Science 235, 295*, 330*, 386*; or any one-time offering or topics course that deals primarily with East Asia.
      • Courses with asterisks only apply if East Asia is covered.
      • Note: Students are strongly encouraged to take at least 1 supporting course that deals primarily with modern China. Courses taken in a study abroad program may substitute for required courses with the approval of the advisor.
  3. Asian Studies 351 (.5 unit).
  4. Majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad in China at either of our partner institutions–Henan University or Shandong University.
  5. Students may apply credit earned through Beloit College’s Center for Language Studies toward the major.
  6. Native speakers of Chinese may not major in Chinese; however, they may receive credit as teaching assistants.
  7. Writing/Communication: Courses in modern foreign languages offer students opportunities to become competent in four language skills­–speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All four linguistic areas are important. The department of modern languages and literatures meets the college’s writing requirement by having students move from structured writing that reinforces the material learned in language classes–grammar points and vocabulary–to less guided writing in advanced classes where students use language creatively to analyze, describe, narrate, synthesize, persuade, etc.

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