Spanish Language and Culture Major

Students who begin the major with Spanish 100 will construct a major program in consultation with their advisor; this program will not require more than 11 units within the department nor more than 15 units total.

  1. Nine departmental units (above 110):
    1. Spanish 210 or 214, 215, 240.
    2. One unit (working language) from Health and Society/Spanish 218, Spanish 250, Interdisciplinary Studies 288.
    3. Two units (contemporary cultures and literatures) from Spanish 230, 270, 282, 285, 295.
    4. Two units (foundational texts) from Spanish 290, 320, 370, 375.
    5. One elective unit in Spanish. (Experiential learning for credit is strongly encouraged.)
  2. Supporting courses (4 units). Choose one of the three options available:
    1. Choose 4 courses from English/Comparative Literature 190, 261; Political Science 272, 273. An elementary knowledge of Latin is desirable.
    2. Use 4 courses from a second major toward a major in Spanish.
    3. Submit a proposal to the major advisor for an individual plan of courses for meeting the requirement of 4 supporting courses.
  3. Majors normally study at least one semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. With prior consent of the advisor, some courses completed abroad may be used to count toward the major.
  4. Majors are encouraged to live at least one semester in the Spanish House.
  5. Writing/communication: Courses in modern foreign languages offer students opportunities to become competent in four language skills­–speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All four linguistic areas are important. The department of modern languages and literatures meets the college’s writing requirement by having students move from structured writing that reinforces the material learned in language classes–grammar points and vocabulary–to less guided writing in advanced classes where students use language creatively to analyze, describe, narrate, synthesize, persuade, etc.

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