Sociology Major

  1. Nine departmental units:
    1. Sociology 100, 200, 205, and 211.
    2. Five elective units in sociology, chosen in consultation with the major advisor.
  2. Supporting courses (2 units):
    1. Two courses chosen in consultation with an advisor. We strongly recommend that at least 1 of the supporting courses has significant multicultural/international content.
  3. Writing/communication requirement: Sociology courses designated as W specifically promote the development of writing skills to aid the student in explication and expression of sociological ideas and practice. These courses incorporate writing as a principal means of learning and critically engaging the curriculum. Writing in this genre may encompass summary and critical response papers, research proposals, term papers, essay examinations, and papers for professional presentation.

    These courses may devote significant attention to developing written presentation skills in the genre of academic sociology, potentially including the professional discussion of substantive issues, theory, presentation of research methods, and empirical findings, or any combination of the above. These courses may also focus on writing to construct and express concepts and praxis consistent with sociological epistemology. They are courses in which students write regularly on the study and/or research materials in order to master the substance, theory, and/or method of the discipline.

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