Theatre Major

All courses listed below are worth 1 unit unless otherwise noted.

  1. Theatre and Dance 202 and 360 (.5).
  2. Two units of historical perspectives chosen from: Theatre and Dance 245, 247, 343, 345, or 347.
  3. Four units of introductory technique and analysis: Theatre and Dance 106, 112, 114, and 199.
  4. Three units to develop expertise chosen from department offerings in consultation with the advisor. Must include one 200-level and two 300-level courses.
  5. Two units to broaden perspectives chosen from outside the department in consultation with the advisor.
  6. Only one unit of practicum in at least two different areas may be counted for the major.
  7. Students are required to serve on two crew assignments. Crew assignments must not overlap and must differ in nature. Crew assignments are to support theatre or dance, and no two assignments are to be in the same area (i.e. scenic, lighting, costume, etc.).
  8. Writing/communication requirement: Competent communication in theatre and dance is attained through the successful completion of various courses pertinent to three distinct interactive modes. Physical and oral proficiency is achieved in acting and dance courses, and practica (participation in production). Proficiency in writing is acquired in Theatre and Dance 199, 202, 237, 245, 247, 343, 345, 347. Visual communication skills are gained in design courses, directing courses, and stagecraft courses. Graduating majors must be able to communicate clearly through the medium in which they have concentrated. In addition, they should be able to describe, explain, and critique comprehensively both the artistic processes and the products of that art through means of oral and physical communication, written documentation, and visual presentation.

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