Psychology Major

Up to 3 units of credit in psychology may be taken at another institution and applied toward psychology requirements with permission of department.

  1. Ten departmental units (at least 7 of which must be taken at Beloit):
    1. Core courses (3 units): Psychology 100, 161, and 162.
    2. Developmental psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 210, 215, or 225.
    3. Experimental psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 230, 235, or 240.
    4. Personality and abnormal psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 250 or 252.
    5. Social and cultural psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 260 or 265.
    6. Capstone courses and experiences: 2 units from Psychology 300-385.
    7. One additional elective unit in psychology.
  2. Supporting courses (2 units): Chosen in consultation with the major advisor, 2 units of coursework outside the department that address concepts, issues, and/or methods relevant to psychologists and the student’s academic and career goals. No more than 1 unit can be completed before the major has been declared.
  3. Writing/communication requirement: The department of psychology recognizes the importance of oral and written communication and helps its students develop these skills within a disciplinary context. Students in psychology courses learn to read and interpret the results of psychological studies. They also learn to report the results of psychological studies, orally and in written form.

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